Open your hips, release your emotions.

This morning the alarm went off at 7.30 with the intention that I would be sitting on my yoga mat with a cup of hot water and lemon getting ready for meditation/yoga practice.  I didn’t actually make it out of bed until 8.30 but that’s ok as today I have the time to start a little later. I went for a short run to kick start the practice.  It’s good to do this on mornings that you are feeling less motivated.  Sometimes I get up, get on the mat and it just doesn’t happen, which was the case today. Does that happen to you?  The quick run put me in the mood and reignited my spirit.

After a short run I always include lots of hip openers as running tends to stress out the gluteus, all hip and bum muscles, hamstrings & the lower back. Hip openers are the focus for most of this week in class as they are a great way to release any physical tension in these areas.  It is also an area that we hold a lot of emotional tension. Do you know that the gluteus is the densest muscle in the body?  Now can you imagine the years of all kinds of emotions we could be storing there such as sadness, stress, anger, pain.

When we work on the hips the breath naturally begins to deepen.  The exhale becomes much longer and softer.  Focusing on the exhale is a great way to focus letting go. Doesn’t it seem natural to you? The simple action of the breath leaving the body is getting rid of the breath we don’t need.  It’s so gentle and so warming to focus on letting go while you exhale.   You don’t have to name what you are letting go of simply have the sense of letting go as you exhale.   When we include hip openers with this technique we can really get deep into our core and shift some old stuff out of our body.

The meditation technique of letting go as we exhale is taken from one of my favourite books, The Wisdom Of No Escape, by Pema Chadron. It is a Buddhist technique.  I have simply incorporated this practice to enhance the benefit of the physical yoga practice.  I love this book and keep it beside my bed. Sometimes I pick it up and read whatever chapter opens up before I go to sleep.

What book do you keep by your bedside? And why?

Enjoy your Saturday.

Om peace, Om love, Om let go!