To Strengthen Prana, Ones Life Force.

Workshops Strengthen Your Life Forcewill increase vitality, sharpen focus, de-stress and leave you with  a feeling of connectedness and peace for days after.

“After Sinead’s workshops I feel like I have been plugged in.” ~ Vivienne Ahearn


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Workshop Theme: Slow Flow Vinyasa Sequence &  Energy  Balancing Sequence.

This workshop:

Sinead will lead her slow-flow-vinyasa-yoga.  The pace of this style of yoga is a slower way to move through sequences while building more strength, stamina and awareness.  The deeper muscular system is challenged when moving through postures at a slower pace so it forces the mind to be fully present in each moment of movement.  Sinead combines breath awareness to her movement and refers to the breath as the music of the yoga practice.  There is an emphasis on deepening breath while moving into the posture to the timing of the inhale and exhale. This style of yoga is a perfect way to prepare for the deep meditation practice at the end of the workshop.

The workshop will begin with a chakra balancing sequence to heighten the awareness of the energy-body and internal guidance system – our sixth sense.

After a chakra balancing session, people tend to feel more heightened levels of awareness, clarity of mind and internal peace.

• Vinyasa flow- dynamic flowing yoga sequence
• Meditation at the beginning and end of the session
• Pranayama sequence to strengthen mind & energy body
• Mindfulness techniques
• Deep relaxation