“You sit up a little straighter after a conversation with yoga teacher Sinead O’Connor, and you also find yourself feeling a little more composed. As a former contemporary dancer, O’Connor’s aim is to help people discover their balance, and some serenity, too.”
Irish Times Magazine, 4 December 2008 (View Article)

“Silence and abstinence? Not a bit of it – a yoga break in an exotic location will have you both pampered and energised.”
Sunday Tribune Magazine, 28 September 2008 (View Article)

“Holiday company Hush Yoga promises that a glass of wine is as much a part of the schedule as bending, stretching and massage – not forgetting that respect for nature and the body is at the root of everything.”
Sunday Business Post, 28 August 2008 (View Article)

“After studying under famous yoga teachers, including Dharma Mittra, who is known as the ‘teacher’s teacher’, O’Connor returned to Dublin and is now an accomplished yoga instructor. Last year, she set up Hush Yoga, which offers week-long boutique luxury yoga holidays overseas and in Ireland.”
Sunday Business Post, 06 April 2008 (View Article)

“As the person behind Hush Yoga, Ms O’Connor runs evening classes, corporate sessions, and private tuition for a broad range of people. And teaching yoga and nutrition is an area that is continuing to grow, a fact underlined by her plans for diversification.”
Irish Times, Business Section, 24 October 2004 (Download Article)

“Sinead’s classes are brilliant. They are physically demanding, but there is no pressure and everyone is allowed to go at their own preferred pace. The relaxation at the end of each class is a great way to finish and you always come out of the class feeling amazing.”
James McColgan

“Weekly attendance at a Hush Yoga class has become an integral part of my routine. The city centre location suits perfectly and the classes are pitched at just the right level delivering a challenging and rewarding practice with a class size that is reassuring even if it means no cheating !! I really appreciate the effort that Sinead puts into the preparation for each class, of which no two are ever the same, and the meditation practice at the beginning helps to focus attention inwards, while at the end of class it centres you and guides you back to the world a stronger and happier person.”
Viviene Ahearn

“Practising yoga is something I will always be thankful for. As someone who has suffered from injuries in other sports, I have found that the strength I have developed in my core while doing yoga has helped my body awareness and therefore has led to less injury. Regular yoga practice is almost like giving myself a massage. It stretches out my muscles and makes me feel more supple and light, in both mind and body. I have been attending Sinead’s yoga classes for at least eight years. I have tried other yoga classes in between but I always seem to come back to Sinead. She is constantly evolving as a teacher, introducing new postures and breathing techniques. When I started going to her classes, the emphasis was more on Ashtanga, whereas now the focus is more on meditation, breathing and strengthening the core, while maintaining the flow of Vinyasa which I love. I feel I have grown along with her and hope to continue to improve in the future.”
Emma Roycroft

“Sinead is a wonderfull yoga instructor. She guided me through various yoga postures with the most relaxing voice while paying attention to every student. Her best treat: she always has a smile to give!”
Rachel O’Connor

“I spent a week in Dahab Eygpt last year on the Hush Yoga holiday. I really enjoyed the holiday and atmosphere. The early morning yoga really started the day off well. We then had a leisurly brunch, spent the afternoon lounging by the pool or sightseeing, we then had our late afternoon class, (working up a good appetite) a shower and out to dinner in one of the local restaurants. It was a fantastic mix of holiday and feel good factor from the yoga. Sinead is a great teacher and manages to bring along all levels in the class while still keeping it challenging and fun.”
Christine Nelson

“What a brilliant trip. Don’t want to sound too gushy, but the food was amazing, the weather gorgeou, the pool area was really nice and proved the perfect place to relax after the morning Yoga session. As regards the Yoga, I thought it was well paced – doing all those “core” exercises every day really helped – and catered for all levels. I never felt “under challenged” and I don’t think any of the novices felt under pressure. Anyway, I came back feeling totally relaxed and really healthy, and I clearly bored people about how great the whole experience was, ‘cos I noticed their eyes starting to glaze over after a while (usually 10mins).”
Misty Price (Dahab 2007)

“I’m lucky enough to travel around the world for business, but what I have learnt from doing different Yoga classes abroad is that Sinead’s style & methods are excellent. I’m lucky that she’s here in Ireland my home place.”
Dec Ryan

“The Hush Yoga holiday in a spectacular villa setting in the hills of Ibiza is just the ticket to get me back in touch with my inner zen!  Sinead and her assistant had everything ready and waiting for us on arrival – a lunch spread al fresco on the veranda, a faint scent of burning incense and new yoga mats neatly rolled and ready to go. The early morning yoga was a gentle wake up call for us all, followed by a plentiful breakfast and then the rest of the day was ours to do (or not do!) anything!.  We had two great masseuses visit the villa to give massages for any aching and stretched muscles, twice during the week.  Evening yoga was more energetic, but Sinead is great at managing all levels within a group, so no matter whether novice or advanced, everyone had a great class (and there was always a fit of giggles too).  We had lots of opportunities to sample some of the great local Ibizan restaurants for dinner, but also a couple of great home-cooked meals at the villa.  I enjoyed the holiday so much that I am thinking of going on my second one later this year.”
Caitriona McGonagle.