My Anusara Trial Part III, The Philosophy

My Anusara Trial Part III,  The Philosophy

Tantra philosophy is the premise of Anusara yoga.  There is no possible way I could do it, or any other philosophy, justice in one 700-word blog. The Anusara phrase, “Align with the divine,” could take up a ten-page blog alone.  So here I will share with you a short introduction of my understanding of this very positive and compassionate way of perceiving life and the world around you.

When I first started doing Anusara yoga, I was confused about the philosophical focus.  There were a lot of American teachers coming to Dublin to do workshops, and while I found the workshops uplifting and positive, I wasn’t grasping the philosophical alignment.

At first I thought that Anusara yoga teachers were telling us to be happy and positive, regardless of our circumstances and surroundings.  While it is well documented that positivity creates more positivity, and smiling makes you smile even more, to be happy and positive all the time did not seem realistic.

The more I struggled to understand the philosophical approach, the more agitated I became. I really admired the teachers, their uplifting effect, and their ability to permeate “Inner Body Bright” at any given moment, but did not always feel that I could relate to this in a genuine way. I became concerned, as I really wanted to pursue an Anusara teacher-training path, but I began to doubt if I could fit into this practice if I didn’t fully feel it within.  At one point, I pinned it to cultural differences: Americans can be much more positive than us sarcastic, dry-witted Europeans.

I remember having a conversation with close yoga friends, saying, “You know, I love Anusara but sometimes I feel Inner Body Blue and I don’t want to feel Inner Body Bright!” I shortly thereafter realised that I was not the only person who was confused by this.

It took me a while to realise that  “Inner Body Bright” is actually a term used to lengthen the torso, and not a term of emotional being!  Although, it should be noted that when one does lift and lengthen the torso, it automatically has a positive reaction on the mind.   Of course, Anusara’s philosophy is not suggesting one to feel happy in a moment of sadness, anger or pain.  Instead, what it teaches us is to feel every moment to its fullest, which aligns to my understanding of Buddhism and Pema Chadron’s teachings.

When we feel an emotion in its fullest, not only do we bring it to the surface, often  it dissipates more quickly than if suppressed.  So instead of suppressing challenging emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, jealousy, we are encouraged to feel it fully, in our body  and then find some degree of positivity to grow from the experience, instead of becoming stuck in negative reactions.

The focus behind the Tantra philosophy is intrinsic Goodness. It follows, therefore, that Anusara teachers encourage students to look for the good in all things. Out of something ‘Blue,’ they try to find a positive ‘Bright.’  In doing this, it may become less of a struggle to place trust in life and what falls in our path, and learn to go with the flow.  Indeed, the word Anusara means ‘With- Current or With- Flow.’

In an Anusara class you will often hear, “Align With The Divine.” This divinity is our intrinsic quality of goodness, the essence of all beings.  It is our supreme consciousness and the consciousness of the entire universe.  When we align with the divine we move closer to our true nature and find freedom in body, mind and soul, opening to a deeper flow of grace.

On the yoga mat ‘Opening to Grace’ is the first principle of alignment.  Every posture is an offering to unveil your true nature and your true being or to simply to be with your true nature and true being.  It’s a moment to remember your breath, to feel your core centre or your heart and move from within to express the freedom and beauty of the yoga posture on the outside.  Opening to Grace is a reminder as to why we come to the yoga mat to practice this ancient art.  Through continued practice of yoga we find union with our true nature and align with the divine.

In my next blog I want to explore in more detail the Tantra philosophy that dates back to the 8th Century.  This philosophy has changed my relationship with yoga and my outlook on life.  I feel Free.

To be continued…

Be Happy, Be Peaceful, Be Free.


Veronica’s Yoga Energy Medicine

Guest Blog By Veronica Larson

Wow….. I am sure I’m not the only one experiencing the simultaneous speeding up and deepening of, well, everything.

Things have been moving so fast that in this last year, i hadn’t even begun writing one thing before the next one showed up, utterly different. I have had the most extraordinary, challenging, intense and healing time of travel, work and people interaction, personal growth and inner work (I know, I cant help it), reflection, inspiration and now clarity as it is no longer an option but to stand in this fire of truth, and move from here. Through this process, along with all previous and continued work, has developed A WHOLE NEW SCHOOL & UNIQUE BODY OF WORK that very clearly and eloquently distills all my past experience and teachings into what I am now calling YOGA ENERGY MEDICINE. It is what I know has been at work for many years, it is what makes the work so beautiful, profound and positively received by so many. I am really really grateful and delighted for the adventure that it is now being made available to all of us in in a language and format that clearly practices, heals, awakens and transforms, through workshops, classes, individual clinic sessions, and personal healing retreats, and I am on fire with the power, love and clarity that it now also teaches this work in its essence, in the absolutely amazing and powerfully transformativeTRAINING COURSE FOR TEACHERS & THOSE WANTING TO STAND IN THEIR TRUTH, hosted by lovely Sinead O’Connor’s Hush Yoga Studio in Dublin 2.

It seems a  lot of peoples personal and professional lives as well as their health/bodies are more and more rapidly showing up as a reflection of what is out of balance, both in the immediate day to day reality as well as in the world as large. As within so without…. And what better opportunity for us to really stop and take note, of what our life is about, of what we are creating, both on a personal and thus global level, with our thoughts, words, choices and actions. What an amazing wake-up call for us to really begin to see the true power of our own capacity as human beings.  Something is indeed shifting, and it is very obvious in global, environmental and financial systems that as well in the state of our own health and how we use our energy, that a new paradigm is called for. One where we ourselves are continuously at the point of power of creation, and where we are able to make choices and take actions that are aligned with the highest and the best for our own health and well-being and thus that of the planet. A place of connection, free of fear, automatic reactions, limiting beliefs and addictions that literally run a lot of us like automatons at present, perpetrating our conditioned behaviour to literally by free will give away our birthright of amazing health and vitality, and joy of co-creation of an empowered and fulfilling life.

This work prepares and opens the body to be an embodied manifestation, and point of powerful co-creation of this new consciousness, this new paradigm. Not as a concept but as a living participating experience of your Self. Yoga Energy Medicine reaches these places by its nature of being person-body-condition directed, a way of working in Yoga-Union where, instead of applying more external actions and concepts onto already limiting mind-body patterning, we access a space where your body’s own wisdom becomes a recognizable way of being that brings forth all the information and actions that you need in terms of healing and your yoga practice. It is a practice of connecting to your Soul light and beginning to trust and live and live from here, and it always only happens at the pace you desire.

In its development this way of working has continued to provide the effective release of energy blockages, physical pain, emotional trauma held in the body, and other mind-body patterning that obstructs the natural flow of the divine current of life, light, and love in the body. Yoga Energy Medicine works on levels of Source, Soul and Consciousness, in opening, connecting and recalibrating the memory of your body’s portals and divine pathways to the flow of Your Essential Nature, as a conscious bodily experience. The result is the awakening of your innate body wisdom, inner healer and Soul Connection, of the wholeness, health and well-being that is our essential nature, which you already, naturally and always are, and may temporarily have forgotten. It awakens the memory in body of who you really are, what it feels like to be at home,connected, and alive with vitality, passion, and a deep sense of peace and complete freedom.

See Hush Yoga website for info on Yoga Energy Medicine Training and introductory Workshops, and weekly class, as well for all the upcoming events and the Training Course which starts mid -November. I will be in Dublin for six weeks from the last week in September and apart from the public classes and workshops will also be available for individual Yoga Energy Medicine sessions and treatments. There are already many enquiries about the Course so if you are really considering doing it, do get your completed application form in soon!

We are very much looking forwards to journeying together in this ever deepening and life affirming adventure in truth, freedom and infinite Presence!!! Who would want to be anybody else but you?? Being you, having your life, is the coolest thing ever and if you don’t know it yet, you are welcome to come along and find out!

Love and Blessings,

Veronica Larsson

School of Love, Yoga & Consciousness