Dedicated To a Very Humble Yogini

Last week the very humble yogini, Veronica Larson decided to drop into Hush Yoga in case I was there and I was.  Veronica and I used to practice Asthanga yoga many years ago.   She is an old friend and someone I have known for a long time, a Dublin based yoga teacher that I have the utmost respect.

Veronica has one of the most advanced physical yoga practices however where she stands out as a yoga teacher is how she teaches warmly from the heart.    She teaches yoga from a place of Truth and knowledge in both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga.   She has been involved in the Teacher Training Program in the Elbow Room for the past few years.  When two teachers, Sarah and Helen, told me that they had recently completed the teacher training with Veronica I didn’t hesitate in offering them a place to teach at Hush Yoga.  I knew straight away the level of training was excellent and most importantly full of true compassion, support and love.

While it is great to have yoga teachers with lots of experience I had wanted to offer some newer yoga teachers a class at Hush Yoga.  Mainly because I remember what it was like when I started teaching yoga.  I taught with excitement and enthusiasm that changes after a few years of teaching.  I am still very passionate about teaching yoga but in a very different way to how I was when I started.  I sometimes wish I could experience the freshness of being a new teacher again.    Sarah and Helen stand true to this. They look up to Veronica who has been a wonderful support to them throughout their training and beyond it.   They are great yoga teachers with strong yet lighthearted spirits.  They’ve been encouraging and helpful support to Hush Yoga and me over the past few months. I am truly grateful to them and lucky they landed on my doorstep.

Veronica unfortunately cannot make Dharma Mittra’s workshop as she will be in Spain at that time but when letting me know she said that she can feel his spirit when she thinks of him and holds him dearly to her.  Not many people would be able to feel the energy of a person they haven’t met unless their heart is wide open which is the case with Veronica.    When the heart is open one has a stronger sense of everything and everyone around.  Time and space don’t get in the way of feeling a spirit such as Dharma’s even when he’s 5,000 miles away.

I am delighted to let you know that Veronica will be teaching a workshop in Hush yoga on Saturday the 2nd October.    This workshop will be a specialized workshop.  It is more about using yoga postures to help shift energy in the body however in a very different way to a regular yoga class/workshop.   I will have a more detailed outline from Veronica very soon so please keep an eye on the blog and the website for up-dates.   I know I am booking myself into it anyway.  I’m excited to work with Veronica and to learn from her.   You are sure to feel you heart expand and mind shift after this very special workshop.

This blog is a dedication to Veronica and all yoga teacher trainers whom bring us fresh teachers whom have learned yoga from place of Truth.   It is also a dedication to new yoga teachers whom have embarked on a challenging path.  May we all continue to grow as teachers and yogis in support of each other.

I am looking forward to having Veronica more involved in Hush Yoga in the coming months so please keep an eye out for this very humble yogini.

Om Peace, Om Love,


I just received the detail from Veronica as below:

Saturday 2nd october, 14.00 – 17.00 – Open Yoga Energy Medicine Clinic.

In this class we address any physical issues that you may, or may not! be aware of as it relates to your practice and your life. We simply and effectiely explore together, ways of moving beyond current limiting mind-body patterns and blocked energy, by applying the relevant posture work for each person/body, and thus accessing and working on a level of cellular consciousness. A very exciting class indeed, and an introduction to the work in the Yoga Energy Medicine Training Course starting at Hush Yoga soon!