Back on the Yoga Mat

After a few days of no yoga practice at all I got back on the mat this morning and did a back bending practice.  I have lots of energy today, feeling very uplifted hence lifting upwards into a back bend was the natural way my body wanted to move.   I started with a strong standing sequence to warm the body up and then went into, camel, locust, bow, pigeon pose (bottom photo), full back bend (as in right photo) and back drops. (for those of you who don’t understand the term backdrop, it’s basically dropping into a back bend from standing).

I get such a kick when I do back drops as I still get a moment of fear before I drop my hands backwards to the floor and get a rush of relief when I am o.k.  It happens every time I do one.  There is always that moment of anticipation and fear.

I finished my practice with a couple of forward bends including pachimotanasan and janu-sirsasana,  shoulderstand and fish pose.

The Main Benefits of Back Bends:

Keeps the spine and back toned.

Builds strength and stability around the spine and sacrum.

Builds flexibility in spine.

Soothing effects on the head.

Gives a great sense of vitality, energy and a sense of lightness.

Energetically they can help to open and heal the heart.

Enjoy your back bending practice.  Get in touch if you would like any yoga posture tips.