Sinead  is  available for private one-to-one yoga and group sessions in the comfort of your own home or office.  Also available for yoga in the workplace.   Corporate Yoga.  Well-Being-Life Coaching.

I am focusing mainly on yoga and mindfulness in the work place, private one-to-one sessions, along with workshops and retreats.

I also teach yoga to groups of friends in the comfort of a home or hired studio.

For one-to-one Well-Being Life Coaching, please get in touch.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday  June 10th:   Dartmouth Square, Yoga in the Park. 11-12.15:

June 16-18th:  Summer Retreat at Courtyard Retreat.

June 24th and 25th.  Body and Soul Festival:  1.00-2.00pm.

July 7th:  Ennis Yoga Studio.  6.30 – 9.00p.m.

July  15th:  Dartmouth Square Yoga In the Park. 11. 00- 12.15

August 4th-7th: Courtyard Retreats.

August 12th – 13th:  Mindful Workshop At Airfield House.

August 16th:  Darthmouth Square, Yoga In The Park.  11 – 12.15

September  16th:  Darthmouth Square, Yoga In The Park:  11. – 12.15

September 23rd:  Workshop, Dame Street, Dublin.

Also Workshops! workshops page.