The Power of Yoga with Essential Oils.

Essential OilsHello Yoga Friends!

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If you have been attending yoga classes recently you will be well aware of my new obsession – doTerra Essential Oils.

You have seen how excited I get when introducing a  new oil for you to experience.  The power of these oils simply blows my mind and, I can tell those who have tried them are impressed too.

The effects are almost instantaneous when using doTerra oils because the active ingredients are very pure, organic and highly concentrated.  It’s essence is Mother Nature healing qualities that enhance feelings of peace, joy and harmony 🙂 .  The Pharaoh’s, The Kings, Queens and noble men in the days of the spice trade were aware of just how powerful essential oils are,  the reason why certain oils and spices were so expensive in that time, such as cinnamon and frankinsence.  With such powerful healing qualities they were worth the same as gold, if not more.

Nature gives and when we use her appropriately she offers more.  When we are filled with gratitude for her, she fills us with more of her  divine love in many ways including; an abundant life of harmony, vitality, happiness and joy.

Here’s a clip about the benefits of Frankincense:

See you at the workshop on the 21st!

Peace and love,