The Power of Yoga with Essential Oils.

Essential OilsHello Yoga Friends!

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If you have been attending yoga classes recently you will be well aware of my new obsession – doTerra Essential Oils..!

You have seen how excited I get when introducing a  new oil for you to experience.  The power of these oils simply blows my mind and, I can tell, blows your mind too!

Let me explain whats happening when we use this very high grade and potent essential oil,  the bigger picture.   So, as yogi’s we are well aware that nature is divine infinite energy, or source energy, expressing herself in her most magnificent glory 🙂  All you have to do is look at a flower, notice the tenderness of a stunning bird or reflect on all the shades of green we are so lucky to have in Ireland, to understand Mother Natures individuality, expression and power.   In fact, this source energy underlies  all that exists.  It runs through the entire universe and is in you, really in yogic terms, it is you, all you have to do is realise it (still realising ;-).. that is the play of life!).  This is what we are connecting to when we get into the deeper practices of yoga. We go into meditation and experience this divine source energy in the form of overwhelming peace, love and compassion.

doTerra Essential Oils are essentially the power, beauty and love of Mother Nature condensed into a very concentrated essential oil.  This is why the effects are almost instantaneous when using doTerra oils… Mother Nature in her abundance and glory assisting you to heal, to feel good and to experience peace, joy and love 🙂  This is why we get instant benefits and effects from using such a potent oil, because Mother Nature is that powerful! The Pharaoh’s, The Kings, Queens and noble men in the days of the spice trade were aware of this and that is why certain spices were so expensive, with such powerful healing qualities.

Nature gives and when we use her appropriately she gives more and more and more…  When we offer gratitude to her and the effect she has on us, she brings us more of her abundant divine love in many ways including; an abundant life, harmony, vitality, happiness, joy.

You know  these oils are full of goodness.  The benefits are so powerful and that is why I love them and feel so passionate about bringing them to you. 🙂

So let me take this opportunity to Thank Mother Nature and to Thank You for joining me on this yoga-essential oil- journey that gets better and better.

Here’s a clip about the benefits of Frankincense:

See you at the workshop on the 21st!

Peace and love,