Welcome 2011!

Happy New Year to all my yoga friends.

I hope you had a lovely festive season, a good old rest and have said goodbye to 2010 in gratitude for all you were able to learn for the past year, from both positive and negative experiences.

Welcome 2011! We are offering a good start to the New Year this week with a detox workshop that I am holding at Open Minds Yoga.

The aim of this workshop is to detoxify the body naturally after a month that might have been characterized by too much food, wine, and consumption. This workshop will also provide an opportunity for participants to clarify your hearts desires for the year ahead, inspired by vision, focus and determination.

We often set New Years resolutions with mandates of what we are going to do or avoid. For example, we decide to practice more yoga, give up chocolate, take an art class, travel more, save more, volunteer more… sometimes, when we try to do several resolutions at once, it can be overwhelming.  It could be argued that to set one intention, and stick to it with a mindful approach, is more effective than setting an array of changes that may altogether be abandoned some months down the line.

So for this year I have a new suggestion for you.  Instead of making the lists of what you are and are not going to do, try making a list of how you would like to “Be” in this year.  Considers the answers to these questions and write them down as a record of your thought process: How you would like to feel when you wake up in the morning? How you want to live throughout the day? How you will gain from rewarding experiences as they are sure to arise? How you will face challenging situations because they too are bound to arise?

This exercise may be more effective and less stressful than a list of do’s and do-not’s, and you may naturally be drawn to set commitments in-line with what you really need to do, or need to avoid, to achieve your goals.  You can still take up your dance class, cooking course or give something up, but if you focus more on how you want to feel on the inside, instead of focusing on what the world can give you on the outside, you are bound to be fulfilled.

I’m really looking forward to the workshop this coming weekend.   The workshop theme will be strong dynamic Vinyasa to help build up heat in the body to fast-forward the purifying process.  We’ll focus on being mindful, living in the present both on and off the yoga mat.  I’ll discuss detoxing in detail and give you ideas of foods and recipes you can use to help you along the way.    There will also be a strong focus on meditation and creating peace and tranquility in our lives.

The workshop will be followed by seven more days of on line support to help you complete a full 10-day detox.  You will feel so good after the cleanse, with clarity in body, mind and soul.

Om Peace,