Vipassana Meditation & How Science Is Catching Up With Meditation

yoga+aula+particular+personal+yoga+porto+alegre+porto+alegre+rs+brasil__798AAB_3Matt Quigley interviewed me yesterday on his Radiomade show.  I come in at approx 1:25.  The previous interview is with Fiona Maloney about yoga and sports.

Before you listen I would like to make a correction:  At some point I say “All philosophies around the world say that the world is interconnected”.   Not all philosophies state that.  I meant to say most ancient philosophies such as Sufism, Buddhism, Christian, Yoga, Tibetan, all state that everything in the universe is interconnected, everything from the stars in the skies to the birds in the treas, the atmosphere, you and I.

Hope you enjoy the interview and that it will encourage you to meditate.