Spring Time Kick

Hello Yoga Friends,

Spring is finally here!!!  I’m so over the moon to be out of winter.  While I thoroughly enjoy my personal quiet time, in from the cold, the hope of spring inspires me to get moving again. In winter, I tend to follow Mother Nature and go deep into hibernation.  I take it very easy, go on a mild detox and lie very low.  Winter is “rewarding me” time.  A time to reflect and point my inner compass toward the direction I’d like to go for the year ahead.  However, by last week I’d had enough and was ready to “spring” back to life.

Spring and autumn are my favourite times of year, largely due to the vibrancy of their nature (you may remember my autumn blog). In spring we see nature coming to life after it’s dormant sleep, the weather begins to change, the sun rises earlier and sets later each week, bringing light into our windows and new life to our world.  Spring is a time for all in nature to be nurtured and grow.  It’s the reward after a long and arduous winter.

Likewise, spring nurtures us too, and offers us space to grow.  It’s time to plant seeds of new ideas that have been lying dormant for the winter months and have lasted the test of time (survival of the fittest?). It’s time to take steps towards fulfilling our heart’s desires.  It’s time to open up to the world and all possibilities.  It’s a time for living with freedom.

To help support a natural flow into spring, I normally notch-up my yoga practice and classes by adding dynamic sequencing.  Yet, as it is the time where Mother Nature is at her fullest, it is also important to balance this physical practice with a soft and gentle approach to honour our Shakti, or dynamic feminine energy.  This balance is freedom.  Often this freedom translates into each pose, even the ones that challenge us… especially the postures that challenge us.

We balance our muscular and organic energy to find freedom in our yoga movement and with continued practice on the mat we begin to bring our freedom off the mat by connecting to it at any given time.

Off the yoga mat, can you try to be in your centre? Start by bringing your awareness to your core centre; then, bring your awareness to your heart centre.  These two simple exercises alone can bring you straight into the present and into your true being.  You can always be here, at any time.  The more we practice this, the more natural it becomes.  After time, you will most likely notice immediately when you are stuck in your ego mind and out of your centre.  Ekhart Tolle talks about this in the Power of Now.

Be in your centre, be in freedom, and be in your Truth.



P.S. The Anusara Part III blog, all about the philosophy is on the way.  Stay tuned!