October in May

Hello Yoga Friends,

I hope you have been keeping well and are enjoying your yoga practice.  I’ve been hearing our summer is about to kick in in the next couple of days.  It has been such a cold month of May.  I’ve been feeling its more like late October:  Wanting to rest, cuddle on the couch in the evenings with a hot water bottle and go to bed early,  sleep for about 10 hours a night.    It seams so unfair that we have this weather when it is supposed to be the beginning of summer.

Yesterday I walked into a yoga class when the sun was shining, it was somewhere between warm and cold, almost warm but not quite there.  An hour and 15mins later I walked out, the temperature had dropped almost 10 degrees.  It was cold!

As I cycled down the road to my next yoga class distraught with the lack of warmth and sunshine for our so called summer I racked my brain to come up with something positive to say about the awful weather we are having, to bring some light into the yogi’s hearts who enter my class.  Nothing was coming.  Genuinely I could see no positivity in having winter weather in May. Its really unfair, especially with a recession to boot. Could we  please have one or the other?  A strong economy along with typically bad Irish weather or a terrible economy with excellent weather?  Now that would be a fair exchange.  Unfortunately us Irish have to deal with it all.

And then it dawned on me.  The positivity with our terrible weather is our ability to always be able to joke about it.   It has to be one of the joys of being Irish to always be able to look at the most terrible situation and somehow get a laugh out of it.

I also noted  it’s so much easier to get on the yoga mat and do a really strong deep practice when its cold outside.  Rain and grey weather lends itself to feeling grounded hence your physical mat practice can be something really special while your meditation practice can be quite still.  Your yoga mat becomes your safe abode, away from the harm of the weather outside.  Your meditation practice becomes your personal retreat from all the negativity of the world, including our Irish climate.

There it is, I found two positive situations out of our awful Irish weather when I really didn’t think there was anything positive at all with October weather in May.  Still lets do lots of Sun Salutations and hope our summer will appear tomorrow,  the 1st of June.

Om Shanti,