New Year – New You!

What springs to mind for you when you hear these words, New Year New You? Immediately I think; light in mind, healthy in body, focused, positive attitude, attainable goals. A general all encompassing sense of happiness.

We often set New Years resolutions with mandates of what we are going to do or avoid. For example, we decide to practice more yoga, give up chocolate, take an art class, travel more, save more, loose weight, exercise every day, volunteer, etc.

Sometimes, when we try to do several resolutions at once, it can be overwhelming.  It could therefore be argued that to set a few intentions, and stick to those with a mindful approach, is more effective than setting an array of changes that may altogether be abandoned some months down the line.

So for this year I have a new suggestion for you.  Think of the words New Year, New You and ask yourself what those words mean to you? Take a holistic look into your life and consider; body, mind, soul, creativity, career, relationships, serenity and having fun.

Instead of going straight to the list of resolutions you normally make, I invite you to work with the feeling you wish to achieve in 2015. How do you want to feel and how do you want to be? So for example if you are self conscious about your body shape or weight I suggest for you to feel what it would be like to have your optimum body weight. Reach for the sensation, how it would make you feel inside and out such as more confident, content, self-satisfaction. Sit with what appears in your imagination for a few moments and reach for the feelings or sensation that moment will bring to you. If you want to express yourself more creatively imagine what it would be like if you were to take up that hobby that you have always been meaning to. Sit with those feeling and emotions that appear in completing this creative project. Really experience through your imagination what it would be like as a sensation in the body.

Possibly a sense of achievement, feeling proud, serenity and all that you can imagine in relation to expressing your creativity…. Maybe it’s something more on the lines of self-development such as building more confidence, being more positive, kinder or patient. Again identify with what it would feel like to work towards that goal and embody to develop those noble personal standards. If you want to move forward in your current career, imagine the place you’d like to get to and how it would feel when you have accomplished that transition.

Once you figure these things out I know it will be easier for you to make plans to achieve a New Year – New You. Because you have begun to activate the positive outcome of the action, instead of giving oneself a hard time based on inaction, the plan to achieve your list of priorities will fall into place with more ease. Positivity breeds positivity; It’s light, it’s motivated and it’s free. Likewise negativity breeds negativity. It’s dull, all consuming, it’s de-motivating and stuck.

Spend a few weeks contemplating how in this way. There is no need to rush. You have a few weeks to set a strong foundation and intention and to embody that. How do I want to feel in 2015?   I suggest you priorities with a maximum of three areas and make one resolution with a following through action for each aspect of your holistic being, considering: Body, mind, soul, creativity, serenity, relationships, career and having a good time.

Take time to and enjoy this very worthwhile process in figuring out your ideal New You!

Some Ideas and tips to help you on your way:

New Year - New You!To remain positive it is most important to maintain a healthy body and mind. We all know that diet and exercise are crucial to ones mental health. So along with the above try to also make some positive changes to your diet. I recommend a diet high, high high in plant foods. Anything that is grown in the ground is excellent for you. Excellent for energy levels, for focus, detoxing etc: Nuts, fruit, vegetables, grains. Make sure you are choosing the unrefined grains so staying away from white grains such as pasta, white breads, white rice etc. Always go for the wholegrain version. Of course it is o.k. to eat meat if that is your choice. Personally I find I am much lighter in the mind, more focused and positive when on an 80% plant based diet.

As a lover of yoga and yoga teacher, I highly recommend taking up a yoga class to assist you in keeping a positive mental attitude. Yoga is a way to expand the body and the mind and it covers all areas of physical health. Benefits include; a cardiovascular workout, strengthens muscles, improves flexibility, increase the bodies own ability to detoxify. We feel really good after a yoga session. It’s also the gateway to the layer beyond the mind, the layer of wisdom as physical yoga leads to the practice of meditation.

Meditation to me this is the glue that will hold your  whole life together.   When doing a daily meditation practice it keeps it all in balance. We get an opportunity to check in with one-self every single day. Meditation keeps the mind clear and also strengthens the ability to keep up all personal goals. Begin with 5 minutes a day and gradually build up to 10 minutes a few weeks later and gradually towards 20 minutes with the goal of doing a 20 minute or half hour meditation a day. This is a gradual process though a lot more attainable than most think. All that’s necessary is, practice, patience and persistence.

Happy 2015!