Nautical Yoga; A Back Bend Sequence.

Recently I had the pleasure of being invited on a boating trip down the Shannon.  It was the glorious Easter Bank Holiday weekend.   We sailed from lake to lake,  anchored at sun traps protected from the wind, rested while enjoying our beautiful surroundings.  We drank wine, laughed a lot, met great people  and managed to get a fun yoga practice in.

Elena and I, whom bonded many a years ago because of our mutual love of yoga, dancing and speaking in Spanish, had a lot of craic getting a Nautical Yoga practice together for you. She modeled while I instructed and took photos. With the fun and joy we were feeling that day the most natural way for us to move was to lift upwards to back bends.  We have the glorious River Shannon and landscape in the background.  Green is certainly the word for our stunning country.  It’s so easy to forget how beautiful our Ireland really is.

I have to give a big Thank You to Elena who holds the perfect yoga pose and Bob and Paddy who were are company and sailors for weekend.

Enjoy the practice.

Om Shanti Yogi’s.