My Favourite Yoga Pose, Warrior II

Ollie hold Virabandrasana ii
Ollie in Virabhandrasana ii

Without doubt my favourite yoga pose is one of the Warrior, or Virabhadrasana, poses. These poses challenge the body’s strength and flexibility, and extend the body into striking geometric forms. I find warrior 2 particularly energizing. It demands stretch, strength and stability – legs and arms are extended yet a strong sense of grounding derives from the wide and sure stance. I guess I also can’t help but enjoy the feeling of majesty invoked by the warrior’s stance. Sinead often invites the class to hold the pose for long periods and to drop deeper at the hips, challenging us each time in the pose. I’m still working to achieve correct body alignment and especially more openness at the hips, in this and all the warrior poses.

By Ollie Kinnane.

(Ollie comes to class at Trinity College.  He recently jumped up to the more advanced class and is progressing extremely well.  Thanks for sharing your favourite  posture Ollie!)