My Favourite Yoga Pose, Bakasan (crow pose)

My favorite pose – Bakasana (Crow Pose)

This weeks favourite yoga pose has been chosen by Zonja Bailey.  Bakasana has been chosen before by Stephen which will show you how the challenge of this pose actually motivates people to achieve it, instead of scaring them off.  Zonja holds this posture perfectly, with strength, grace and ease.  She has now moved to the second phase which is dropping her head to the floor and moving into tripod headstand.!  When she gets back from holidaying I’ll video her doing this beautiful  sequence so keep an eye out for more.  Read her inspiring words about Bakasana below.

“I think my favorite posture changes every couple of weeks. My favorites usually mark a milestone in my personal yoga practice. The accomplishment of new poses, and improved strength & flexibility give a feeling of constant improvement.  The poses I come to love usually first present themselves to me as a big challenge –  both physically and mentally.
The first time you kick up in headstand, the first time you lift up in wheel. Your first thought is often ‘How the hell am i going to be able to ever do that?’

Having weedy little girl arms, with not much upper body strength, the idea of arm balancing my body weight on my arms seems an unobtainable feat!  Bakasana (Crow Pose) is a hands down and tail feather in the air pose. It’s a mental adventure to tell yourself go into a pose where your precious face is in danger of slamming into the ground. The first hard part of going into Bakasana is getting over our fear of falling on our face. getting over the fear of falling forward, by placing a blanket in front is a useful tip. Once you’ve fallen once or twice, you realise you’re not going to do too much damage.

Arm balances are hard because we bear our body weight on the arms, which makes them buckle. By pulling into the midline, and grounding the hands (all four corners!) you create strength to create height and balance.The first time I was able to hold it for a few seconds I felt elated! Up in the pose my mind is usually quiet and serene for those few seconds. A feeling of Wow!- check me out! usually reigns.

Arm balances are still a challenge, I have yet still to master Bakasana by trying to move into a straightened arm balance.  I’m hoping with practice of this pose, all the other balances will begin to make sense and blossom. I’m hoping it will lead to accomplishing other poses I find trouble with;  Parsva Bakasana, Astavakrasana, Tolasana and maybe even someday I will even be able to do Koundinyasana.

New and changing favorites in my personal yoga journey excite me, and keep me challenged.  With progress we feel great accomplishment.  For now, whenever I do Crow Pose, I feel like I can do anything!