My Favourite Pose: Sabrina’s Danurasana (Bow Pose)

My Favourite Pose, chosen by Sabrina Burke.

Sabrina has been attending my yoga classes/workshops since 2007.  She is a committed Yogini (female yogi) with a beautiful practice.  I am grateful for her contribution to my blog and for her very graceful presence in my yoga classes – Thank you Sabrina!

Watch from Shalambasana to Danurasana on  You Tube.

Make sure you warm up before practicing this posture.

Sabrina Burke
Sabrina Burke

“I have a few favourite yoga poses and, admittedly, and few not so favourite! At the moment I really enjoy bow pose, both on the ground and standing. I think it’s because it’s the complete opposite of how my body is for most of the day – with a desk job I spend at least 9 hours a day sitting and, despite by best efforts slouching, in front of a computer. In bow pose, I love how it opens the back but, most of all, of how it open up the chest, across the collar bond and right into the heart. For tips, I find that really clinging on to legs and at the same time moving the legs back in the opposite direction helps you to move the chest higher off the ground.

Have fun trying it and don’t forget to breathe!”