Mini Detox Practice – 20 mintues.!

Here’s a great yoga practice to get you going in the morning.  Included are spinal twists and  headstands to fast forward the bodies natural detoxifying process.  Below the photos are some tips for the practice.  Enjoy it!

Warm Up before  you begin this sequence including sun salutations (3-5 rounds)

Make sure you do the same on both sides holding postures for equal amount of breaths. (Please note in photos I forgot bent leg triangle on second side – see how easy it is to happen)

If you are unable to do headstand you could do either a shoulder stand (supported with blankets) or lie with your legs up against the wall.

Remember to lie in corpse pose (oops, I forgot to take this photo!).  The optimum time is 10 minutes so your body can receive the benefits of the yoga practice, however any amount of time would be good.

Try to sit in meditation even for a few minutes.  Simply focus on the breath entering and leaving the body, following the inhalation from start to finish and same with exhalation noticing the pause between the breaths.

Get back to me with any questions or experience with this practice.


Om Shanti.