January – Set yourself free from detoxing!

Feel good in JanuaryOver the course of the past few days I have experienced a revelation when it comes to detoxing – Don’t detox in January!!!

This may come to some of you as a surprise from the very person who started DetoxWithMe many years ago with January being the most popular time to detox.

While in the past I have gained a lot from detoxing in January this year it is just not happening for me. After some deep thought and listening to the intuitive side I have decided to drop the detox. Yes January is a time to set goals, to begin the year with a clear head and detoxing certainly aids a clear head though it is not the only thing one can do to feel motivated, set clear goals and follow through..

January is one of the most challenging times of year. Its cold, short dark days and many people suffer from January blues, being broke after Christmas etc . Often people are just dealing with enough. Therefore I am taking a new stance to January  and that is dont detox! YES absolutely eat well, be healthy, enjoy the things that you like to indulge in and mostly don’t put yourself under pressure to complete a challenging detox if it feels too much. Spring is a much better time to undergo a deep cleanse.

After saying that I think it is most important to have a very health diet, filled with nutrients and to keep toxins to a minimum. Especially in January, so the body is working at it’s optimum including; maintaining a strong immune system, a healthy body and powerful mind. You can use the warming detoxifying recipes that I sent you, and at the same time reward yourself with your comfort foods, such as; coffee, chocolate and a glass of wine at the weekends. Though try to keep the indulgence to a minimum. In this way, not only do you allow yourself to enjoy worldly pleasures, in keeping them to a minimum one can appreciate  more.

If you are already on day 3 of a detox and doing well, keep going. You can easily complete it. If you are finding its too challenging because of its too cold, and basically –  January –  then back off.   The point being, go with what feels right for you at this moment in time. I discussed this with a very good friend, Mary-Beth, who lives in New York, a health coach, nutritionist, herbalist and nurses practitioner. She agrees wholeheartedly with me and says spring and summer are the best times for the body to go through a deep cleanse.

I will be in touch with you all in spring to see if you’d like to join me for an invigorating Spring Cleanse.  It will be an uplifting experience and easy to achieve.

This has been a really interesting and positive process for me to go though.  It has been freeing and rewarding to instead of forcing myself to do a detox that my body is resisting, to go with my what my body wants and simply back off. I want to allow myself to enjoy the fruits of life in January and that is liberating.

Detoxing when the days are longer, the weather is warmer and everyone is feeling the joy of spring will be a much more fulfilling experience. So if you are feeling how I am, let yourself off the hook, and if not,  continue the detox.  The important thing is to listen to your own bodies intuitive side.  You can still stick to the recipes I sent you and have a very health lifestyle.

Would love to hear back from you and your thoughts about this post.

Hope you’ll join me in Spring for an uplifting Spring Cleanse.

May you enjoy worldly pleasures and as always, feel good and be happy.


Sinead. 🙂

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