Flowing With The Om (Aum) Vibration

March 9th, 27 South William St.  10.30a.m.- 1.30p.m.

Flowing With The Om (Aum) Vibration

OM: this eternal word is all; what was, what is and what shall be.” –  Mandukya Up-anishad

Sinead will lead a strong Vinyasa workshop, while integrating Om throughout a dynamic flowing yoga sequence.

There is no symbol more important to a yogi than Om. It is the sound and vibration of the universe. All existence began form this sacred sound.

Sinead will teach Om in the beginning of this workshop as taught to her by Sri Dharma Mittra.  She will explain what each level of consciousness the syllables of the chant represent and where each syllable is represented on the symbol.

When Om is chanted correctly it will bring you into a deeper state of consciousness.  Together we will chant this mantra,  increasing the level of the vibration and hence the effects of empowering Om.

With the flowing, melodic asana (posture) sequence and the effects of Om this workshop is guaranteed to leave you feeling utterly mellow, peaceful and joyous.


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