Find the Courage – Find your Mat

A fellow yogi (yogi is the term for one who practices yoga), a beautiful person, a beautiful soul, who attends my yoga classes wrote this touching piece.   He is too shy and humble to add his name to it.  Luckily for me I bonded with him through our mutual love for vipassana meditation and yoga.  We often correspond through e-mail sharing insights along our yoga-life path.  Thank you for your wisdom,  your art for living.


Find The Courage – Find Your Mat.

What do we do when life becomes difficult? When we feel we have been let down or when we feel we have let ourselves down,  return to old habits, desires, or feel that we have run into an emotional wall.

Theses are the dilemma’s  that faces us all from time to time. When we find ourselves in this space. Where do we go?

When things get tough we need more than anything to stay present.  So often our first inclination is to run from whatever it is, an turn to the unkind word, a glass of wine, beer, sex , or whatever it is that takes us from the present. This is often our first reaction.


Escape from what is!

Escape from how it is!

In many ways we will escape. We will find comfort in our habitual patterns, but only for a short time. Then the cycle will start all over again. The mind will soon have us like the hamster in the wheel, running, running, running, never getting anywhere, one thought after another.

And how that wheel spins!!

As Pema Chodron  says: We need the courage to get curious, and learn how to STAY.

We need courage, lots and lots of courage, for this is quite a frightening option, maybe the hardest option.

To Sit.

To Breathe

To Watch

Our ego will give us so many options other than this, for stillness is the egos demise.

It will offer every suggestion possible, any thing to strengthen our belief patterns, how strong or weak, worthy or unworthy we are! How hard done by, how unfair this all is. How I have been hurt, deserve better, and a million other reasons, other than the truth, other than reality.

Where can we go?

To our mat, to silence, to our home.

Only on the mat, in silence, in stillness, only then when we catch glimpses of our true selves, see our true nature, can we find lasting joy, lasting peace, and Love and compassion for ourselves and the world.

By an aspiring Buddha who wishes to remain anonymous.