Difficult day on detox!

hushyogaToday is hard for me.  I began the detox on Monday so it’s day 3.  I’m feeling groggy… all I want is a nice cup of coffee.  However i am being stronger than my craving and know that caffeine is  only a way to escape the cloudy feeling in my head.  This is all a part of the detox.  I tend to feel quite tired in the mornings for the first few days.  By day 4 it changes, I’ll be waking up fresh as a daisy with sprightly energy.  So for now, I will drink green tea and  sit in meditation for a while.  The craving will subside.

Being aware of escaping is one of the very positive benefits of detoxing.  We can introduce this awareness into our daily lives, not only when detoxing.  Are you having that glass of wine to escape a shitty situation at work? Or are you jumping to eat lots of chocolate because you argued with your boyfriend/girlfriend.?  For me it’s great to drink wine and eat chocolate however try to do it for the enjoyment of it in its fullest,  not as a tool to escape.  Remember we never really escape anything, we only cover up and push aside our problems with superficial coping mechanisms such as sugar, alcohol, coffee.  For me it comes down to awareness.  So if you are using these tools to escape as long as you are aware of that fact and fully present in it then you should fully enjoy it.  More than likely your relationship with these coping tools will change.  Instead of reaching for that bar of chocolate you might learn to sit with how you are feeling for a few moments, be fully present in that and allow it to subside.

How are you getting on?  How are you managing your cravings?  Do you feel good about the detox? Are your energy levels changing?

I hope you are managing well.  I’d love to know how you are getting on.

Om Shanti,