An Abundant Attitude

Recently I was asked to guest write for  a website The Energetics Of Wealth. Here’s what comes to mind when I think of the energy around wealth:

Wealth is often referred to only as a monetary unit, and many consider money the most important asset.  Some go to extreme lengths to gain financially, using corruption, dishonesty, and bullying to make a financial gain out of every situation.

Today’s modern world has been so driven by financial success and achievement; it has brought about stress, anxiety, and a deep sense of fear.  These initials effects all too often lead to more serious problems such as ill health.  The fear of losing all you have is felt deeply, while the constant worry about not having enough can be soul destroying.  When we sit back and comprehend the motivation behind wealth it’s actually quite a sad way to live.  Indeed how many times do we here songs, poems, spiritual scripts point out the opposite.  Money does not buy happiness.  In the words of Johnny Cash, “It’s hard to find one rich man in ten with a satisfied mind.”

Naturally, I am not concluding that all wealthy people are unhappy.  That would be a ridiculous statement.  Of course there are the wealthy who are extremely happy, with a true sense of inner contentment and joy.  I think these people go about creating their wealth in a significantly different way, generated first by being rich in mind.

While in the past few hundred years we have been obsessed with creating more money, it’s now time to change the way we perceive wealth.  With the collapse of banking around the world, it seems we are now being forced to look in a different direction, in a different light.  Paradoxically, our obsession with money has made many less well off, financially and otherwise.

From my point of view a wealthy life comes down to attitude.  While my annual income is well within the norm, I feel I have an extremely wealthy life.  My wealth is an abundance of health, friends, happiness, work, peace of mind, contentment, laughter, and joy.  When I focus on creating more abundance in my life, these are all the things I focus on.  Financial abundance comes after the long list above; however, I believe if you are completely content in all areas of your life, then money will more readily flow.

To create a life full of abundance one needs to begin from a mind that is rich.  To achieve this state, the first most important attitude is trust.  To trust we need to let go of fear and know that money is only another form of energy.  Scientifically speaking, energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another. Therefore in knowing this, we should be able to let go of the fear of not having enough.  Then, we can focus on what we have, even if you consider this to be very little.  For example out of a tiny seed grows an abundance of flowers.  If we trust in all we have and let go of fear, I am confident more abundance – in all its many forms – will enrich our lives.

The second most important attitude to creating an abundant life is gratitude.  Being grateful for all one has creates a positive mind and body.  Being grateful energetically signals a message that you are open to more, and thankful for what you receive.  Gratitude is a way of offering a gesture and showing you are aware of abundance.  Being grateful for all you have is satisfying and inevitably stirs a smile.  When we are aware of abundance, we create more abundance.

Positive focus is the third most important attitude, or as I like to say P.M.A. – Positive, Mental, Attitude.  We are all aware that being positive creates more positivity; being negative can act like a bad virus in the body, multiplying at a fast and rapid pace.  Being positive is a high road to true inward and outward success.  When we move from a place of positivity, we realise the good in everything and all beings.  Mother nature will respond in offering more positive outcomes to you.  In doing this we find peace of mind, inner contentment, and joy.

The fourth most important attitude is to always move from a place of truth.  Being true to yourself and those around you offers respect towards self and others.  Living in your own truth will guide you on a path that will serve your higher purpose.  You may experience a deep connection to your inner self and a centeredness of inner peace.

Practicing the four attitudes above will help achieve a rich mind and abundant life.  From there, the possibilities for all kinds of abundance are endless.  However, you may realise that you are truly content just as you are, having no need or want for more.

For now, I’ll leave you with one of my favourite songs, “A Satisfied Mind” by Johnny Cash.

I’d love to know your thoughts on a wealthy life so feel free to post comments or get in touch.

Om Shanti,