A Little Motivation Goes A Long Way.

A Little MotivationAt this time of year normally numbers in yoga classes tend to drop off.  However it isn’t the case this year at all. More people seem to be doing yoga than ever including a full classes at 7.30 a.m. in late November.

From what I can tell many of you have the yoga bug.  The crazy knowing that you have to fit in your yoga class no matter what the cost, even if that means getting up at 6.30 a.m. on a cold winter morning.  Welcome to yoga addiction 🙂

That said, sometimes we all need a little motivation.  Even I do.  I have noticed one or two regulars missing in action and know when this happens that life has become too busy or stressful to fit yoga in.   The last thing we seem to be able to do when in this frame of mind is get on the yoga mat, even though we know it is often the best thing to do.

If you’re in that space at the moment, I advise you to pack your yoga bag early in the Rise and Sine Yoga 7.30 a.m.morning and bring it with you or leave it somewhere visible for the day.  Make a mental note that you are going to your yoga class, rain, hail or snow.  Then let your will get you to your class, fighting the voice inside that thinks you should stay at the desk at work or the voice that says, I feel debilitated and can’t move.  Remember, your will is always stronger.

I know what it is like.  As a yoga teacher I am committed to keeping up my own yoga practice at home. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen.. I can’t move on the yoga mat. I sit on it, meditate on it, look at it while sitting on my couch  😉 but can’t seem to move on it.   I get yoga asana (posture) block.  When I am going through a phase like this,  I drag myself to two or three yoga classes a week until I am back in my yoga asana heaven at home.  Getting to the class is the hardest part. From there the teacher takes over, motivating the entire way through and I thoroughly enjoy it.

When you are so busy, stressful or an emotional struggle and make excuses not to make time for yoga, well then it’s most important to make time for yoga.

You will never ever say, “I regret going to yoga today”.  You will often say, “I wish I went to yoga today.”

Peace.  Love.  Happiness.