Post Yoga Mellow Moments

After I do a Vinyasa Yoga session I like to potter around my home listening to opera, classical and other types of beautiful music.  This music helps to hold on to that very lovely mellow feeling after a yoga practice.  Appreciation for these glorious sounds deepens, as your senses are fully open and heightened after flowing through yoga moves.  I have created a playlist, Post Yoga Mellow Moments, including some very special pieces.  You can download the playlist from itunes if you type Post Yoga Mellow Moments in the search on itunes store.

The playlist includes:
• Apres Un Reve
• Perfume: From the Story Perfume
• Meditation: From Thais
• Lascia Ch’io Pianga
• Claire De Lune
• Casta Diva: Norma Act 1
• Mahler Symphony No. 5
• Vide Cor Meum

Post Yoga Mellow Moments is an operatic and classical music playlist.  One of my favourites on the list is Meditation from the opera Thais.  Not only is it a beautiful piece of music the story is very familiar;  Athanaël, a Cenobite monk, confronts Thaïs, a beautiful and hedonistic courtesan and devotée of Venus and attempts to convince her to leave her life of luxury and pleasure and find salvation through God. It is during a time of reflection following the encounter that the Méditation is played by the orchestra.  Following the Méditation, Thaïs tells Athanaël that she will follow him to the desert.

This playlist is dedicated all Yogi’s out there who are torn between the temporary excitement experienced through worldly pleasures, and the everlasting inner peace, contentment and freedom that is found in the spiritual world.

Enjoy.  Be happy, be peaceful, Be Free.