Sinead in half lotus.

Sinead has been teaching yoga in Dublin since 2001.  Since that time she constinously expands her knowledge through continued learning such as; Continued Yoga Teacher Training with well over 800 hours to date; Completing an ITEC Diploma in Diet and Nutrition & Anatomy and Physiology in 2004; Keeping up to date with development in optimum nutrition;  Sinead also retreats to a 10-day silent meditation course once or twice a year.  She enjoys sharing  insights and knowledge she has gained with others through her work.  She qualified as a Holistic Health Coach in February 2013.

 As a former dancer, her style of yoga is a nicely paced Vinyasa Flow with an emphasis on a meditation that focuses, grounds and centres body, mind and soul.  She also teaches pranayama techniques taught to her by Sri Dharma Mittra.  Her background in dance is reflected in the way she teaches yoga.

Having completed Dr Michael Arloski’s  Wellness Coaching for lasting Lifestyle Change and Wellness Mapping 360º,  Sinead now offers various forms of Holistic Health Coaching including; private one-to-one coaching; detox coaching; and health coaching in the workplace.  She uses her wealth of knowledge and experience within the wellness field to guide people towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

About Holistic Health Coaching Sinead says; “Nowadays we need to look at serious health risks such as stress and anxiety; over-working along with its effect on interpersonal relationships and career satisfaction. General connection to the self is a huge area of wellness. Holistic Health Coaching centres around one’s health issues, how one feels day to day and provides the individual with motivation to stay well while enjoying the process.”

Holistic Health Coaching has already become the next best thing in the U.S.  and soon to follow here in Ireland.  Extremely influential people such as Dr Oz, Deepak Chopra, Mark Hymann and others, are driving forward the concept of holistic health coaching.

A Note From Sinead:

I am most grateful to all who come to my yoga classes and wellness programs. The path of teaching yoga & guiding others in holistic health has been very rewarding.   It’s the people I meet along the way that keep me inspired to progress.

Through my blog I share with you philosophical reflections,  physical yoga tips and personal experiences along my yoga-life path.

I try do my best at all times guiding others warmly and from my heart in the understanding that a holistic attitude to health including meditation, self-reflection, optimal nutrition, yoga and exercise,  improve peoples lives.

Looking forward to seeing you some time soon.

Peace and love,


If you’d like to read on here’s all about my dance background;

Coming from a dance background I am naturally drawn to movement.   My passion for dance began as a child when I began a classical ballet training. In my early twenties I embarked on a modern dance training program and spent many years learning contemporary dance styles under some of the greatest teachers and choreographers.  My dance training brought me to Madrid, Amsterdam and New York City. While in New York City I became more and more drawn to yoga.  I found yoga helpful to manage the stress of embarking on a competitive dance career.  I realised while I love dance the lifestyle of a dancer and all the challenges that go with it didn’t suit my spirit.  I had always been curious about the mystical world, eastern philosophies and meditation so I embarked on a yoga path.

Dance is still a huge part of my life.  I love to take a modern dance class with Mariam Ribon and enjoy  Salsa and Argentine Tango clubs in Dublin City whenever I get the chance.

My personal motto is “Move your body to free your mind!” 🙂